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Congratulations to my GCSE students!


Congratulations to all my GCSE students, who all achieved Grade 4s and above in English and Maths this year! They have all worked so hard, and have exciting futures ahead of them!

BDA Approved Teacher Status


I now officially hold Approved Teacher Status with the British Dyslexia Association! This certificate is a recognition of my qualification to provide specialist teaching intervention to children with dyslexia and I am so excited to have achieved it! You will now be able to find me on the BDA's list of approved tutors. 

Memory and Dyslexia


Why Intervention Is Important -  An interesting video! I often get questions about why children are struggling to use their spelling words in their writing or why they can't remember a word they just read a couple of pages later. This video makes a really good start at explaining what effect working memory can have on learning. Fascinating to learn more about how dyslexia manifests in other languages too!