Dyslexia Assessments - UK or Berlin, Germany


Dyslexia Assessments for KS1 & KS2 Pupils (Aged 7+)

Educational assessments for primary/elementary school aged pupils (aged 7 and above). An assessment can help to shed light on your child’s strengths and difficulties at school, providing suggestions which will allow you and your child’s teachers to support your child in a way which suits their individual learning style best. A diagnosis of dyslexia can be made where present, and recommendations of other assessments which would be useful can be given where necessary. The assessment is conducted by a qualified Specialist Teacher, who will be able to give practical ideas and advice about how to support your child at home and school based on her experience as an elementary school teacher and tutor for children with dyslexia. 


Exam Access Arrangements Assessment

An Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) assessment is available for students in Year 9 and above (Grade 8 in Germany). The assessment is used to determine which specific, special arrangements your child may benefit from to help them achieve their best in their GCSE, A-Level or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme exams. Perhaps your child needs a little extra time to work their way through the test, or maybe a reader to help them make sense of what the question is asking? Assessments are conducted by a Specialist Teacher for Dyslexia and Literacy, with a current Assessment Practising Certificate.

Assessment Prices