Workshop: Reading and Spelling Games for Parents

Friday 2nd February, 7.30pm

Christburger Strasse 23, 10405 Berlin

The event will be a FREE 60 minute session in which we explore some very simple games you can play at home with your child to practise reading and spelling; most will be family favourites which can be adapted for reading and spelling. I will give you some resources to take home so that you can reproduce the games again yourself, and show you how you can fit the games around your child’s spelling list or personal words which they find tricky. I will also share some ideas for iPad apps, websites and purchasable resources which you can use at home with your child. The event is for ANYONE who has a child of primary age, Kita-Grade 5, who wants to find out more about how to help your child; they do not need to have dyslexia or a learning difficulty! To book a place, please email or fill in the contact form on my 'Contact Us' page.